This past weekend was both an honor and a privilege to be a part of. I could never describe all the emotions I had. We had an entire weekend at Hazel Heroes Retreat,in Mount Engadine Lodge,to honor our children. To connect with these women from all over Alberta, feel understood and share, was something I truly needed. It meant so much to me. Huge thank you to Gillian Hatto,Hazel and Lily’s mom, for this incredible weekend, and to all the women,with love and gratitude. For more information about the retreat and to donate,please visit, and

2 thoughts on “Hazels Heroes Retreat

  1. I loved meeting you, Jaime, and getting to know Vaughn through you! It was such a beautiful weekend and was even better than I had envisioned…thanks mostly to all of the incredible women that were there. Hope to continue getting together and sharing in our grief journeys ❤️
    ~ Gillian

    1. You as well Gillian. I am honoured to hear of Hazel and Lily story. Such beautiful girls ?. I needed this weekend so much and felt understood,finally. I keep thinking of you and all the incredible women and their stories. I will keep this weekend near to my heart ❤️ I can’t thank you enough ?❤️✨

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