WOW!! What an incredible run! Forgive me as I haven’t updated our site in a while, but we’ve been so busy and I’m still reeling in all of Sunday’s festivities! The 2nd annual Vaughn’s Memorial Color Run was a huge success! Between race registrations, donations, sponsorship and our WestJet Gift of Flight raffle, we were able to raise $11,792.04 for our cause!!!!! Maybe I say this too much but I still feel it’s not enough, WE THANK YOU! So much hard work was put into this event and that hard work did not go unnoticed . We continue to build this run as one of our main events and the gears are already turning for next years race. Stay tuned for more colorful photos and videos. Our Facebook page will also have a lot to see!!! Not a day goes by, without blowing kisses to the sky xoxoxo I love you, I miss you Vaughn.

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