August 4th was the first ever Little Heart Heroes Camp and we were so proud to be a part of it! Greg and  Rocco drove up just north of Edmonton, to Lake Wabamun. 20 kids who have complex heart malformations were able to get outside of the hospital walls and just be kids! Dr.Chetan ( camp founder ) and the best medical staff took care of all the festivities. Please visit Little Heart Heroes on to see all the news coverage and videos of these very happy campers! We had our robot hearts made for the kids gift bags and would like to thank Custom Prototypes for  the generous donation! And we were so touched to learn that they held a little memorial and moment of silence for the bravest heart hero, Vaughn. With your support ,you continue to give these campers an extraordinary opportunity !! Thank you for making a difference !

4 thoughts on “Little Heart Heroes

  1. Oh my gosh! Our daughter attended the camp and brought home this incredible robot heart. It has special spot in her room and she absolutely loves it. She told us all about it and the special meaning it holds for her. Thank you so much

    1. Shannon this made me so happy to read!!! I am so glad she was able to find meaning in it the way we did.The camp sounded incredible and I’m so glad my son and hubby were able to check it out. Your daughter and her new friends are so inspirational and we hope to make many more robot hearts. Thank you for the message,this warmed my heart!

  2. My daughter also had the incredible privilege of attending camp this year and receiving the special robot heart. She is so proud of it that she packed it up and took it to Ontario after camp to show her Grandpa and Nana and Auntie and Uncle there. She keeps it beside her bed and whenever it travels, she packs it in bubble wrap to make sure it arrives safely. Everyone was so amazed and impressed with the incredible gift. Thank you so very much and thank you to Custom Prototypes for their amazing craftsmanship. This heart will stay with her forever, I’m sure.

    1. Hi Kristen!!! We are so proud to be a part of Little Heart Heroes and I am thrilled to hear she loved her robot heart! We thought they were so cool and so well made and we hope to make more. We are passionate about the camp and will continue to raise money for it and our cause, so more kids have this opportunity. Your message warms my heart and truly made my day 🙂

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